Old Earth Productions Friday Oct 16 @ OPK School


A Musta be: maskihkiy maskwa iskwew 

by Jane heather and old earth productions

Old Earth Productions will be coming to Wabasca this Friday – Oct 16 to the OPK School to show a PLAY.  We will have two shows at 2pm and at 7pm.  We hope to get a wide audience so please let everyone know, forward this email with poster to your contacts and please take some time to print out this poster and hang it up somewhere in Wabasca.  That would be much appreciated!

This Native Theatre Company, Old Earth Productions, was in Wabasca last year to show this play and the people that came to see the show were very moved by the play and expressed disappointment that not more people were there.  This is a MUST SEE play!!  It is a very real, very raw play about the many foreign institutions that Native people go through.

We hope to see you at the play!!   Please note that this play is not for children under 12.  The play is FREE to attend.

Darlene Auger, Chair and Co-founder
Old Earth Productions

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